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Nicky Jameson Art Photography

Nicky Jameson Art Photography

Client: Nicky Jameson
Company: Nicky Jameson Art Photography

Nicky is a long time client who originally came to me looking for some design work for her dance studio Jive Nation. We worked together to create some really vibrant and creative designs to represent the studio. It’s Jive Dancing, it needed to be a fun logo that is instantly recognized. I really enjoyed working on that project and recently Nicky came to me seeing a new logo for one of her other passions. Photography.

Nicky Jameson Art Photography is her Toronto based photography business where she really showcases her skills behind the lens. A quick look around her site and you will easily find something that just reaches out and grabs you. She needed a logo that does just that.

A logo that pops and quickly identifies just what the site, and the business, is all about. The juices were flowing and I already had a design in mind that I thought would really work. A couple of weeks and a few revisions later I presented Nicky with a creative new logo. The icon camera lens with the company name written around it and the company initials in a stylized font overtop of the lens. Add in a splash of colour and some gradients to make every flow together nicely and give it some subtle lighting effects as a final touch.

It was a hit!

Next up was to put together a header image for the website that uses the new logo and highlights what the site is all about. I took text cues from the site itself as descriptive bullet points, selected 3 photos that I felt really went well together and merged them together. A semi-transparent hint of the logo was laid over top and some shadows and reflections were added for depth. Paired up with the new logo, all the images really looked great as a header image.

This was a super fun project and I think it turned out fantastic. Great new logo to represent a great passion.

You can see the logo and header on

Nicky Jameson Art Photography

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