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Manitoba Motorcycle Mayhem

Manitoba Motorcycle Mayhem

Client – Shirly Rubiletz (Sky)
Company – Motorcycle Mayhem
Site –

Tasks – Sky is working hard at launching a new motorcycle rally here in Manitoba. There is a lot of interest in this event and a tremendous amount of work involved in putting it all together. And anything Manitoba related is something I am interested in. Especially if it involves motorcycles (I am sensing a pattern here).

I offered to build the site for the upcoming rally, starting with a teaser site to promote the pre-rally bash, the sponsors, the bands, and start building awareness of the upcoming rally. With a full site in the works that will promote the rally and everything/everyone involved in it. Current site is a wicked looking biker page with a count down timer. Just enough to tease and entice.

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  1. Sky (Shirly Rubiletz)

    Myles, your contribution to Manitoba Motorcycle Mayhem Inc. has been above and beyond ~ which doesn’t surprize me at all – YOU are all about above and beyond! Our dreams are becoming realities and with more and more government awareness leading to support MMM will NO doubt be delivering a new standard for many to try and reach. MMM is the NEW Manitoba Movement of Motorcycle living. Anyone interested in getting involved, becoming a sponsor or simply wanting to find out more about us – please feel free to contact me at Don’t miss our press release at Winnipeg Harley Davidson on March 24, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Rubber Side Down and Shiny Side Up to each and everyone of you!!! Sky


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