You can get it done with tokens.

Go to Advanced header and insert the main header there, then in source view change the name of the image to a token.


The upload all your banners to your resource manager and name them with the keyword.


  • 5 pages: home.html / about.html / links.html / terms.html / contact.html
  • 5 keywords: home / about / links / terms / contact
  • 5 banners: home.jpg / about.jpg / links.jpg / terms.jpg / contact.jpg

On home.html you put the keyword “home” as your very first keyword.
XSP will take the keyword, and insert it into the token you used for the image.

Then you will have home.jpg displayed on the home page.

Quick run through, change the values as you need.

See example below, where I have three images named

  • XSitePro.png
  • wordpress.png
  • creative.png

My first three keywords are

  • XSitePro
  • wordpress
  • creative

In the source of this page, I added three images with the token tags

  • {%keyword1%}.png
  • {%keyword2%}.png
  • {%keyword3%}.png

You can see the results of the token here.


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