Never thought I would recommend a WYSIWYG web design program. My preference has always been to leave web design to the pro’s. In other words, let me do it for you!

Being a professional designer I have always been of the mind that do it yourself websites are often poorly done, and do nothing to represent a company. Business owners were doing themselves a great disservice thinking they can pick up any web design program and get a professional site done by themselves.

A couple years ago when one of my web design clients came to me asking if I could work on his XSitePro sites, I was more than a little skeptical of it, and tried to convince him not to use it. But he was insistent as he had many sites online already using XSitePro website design software. And he wanted them redesigned.

I conceded and began using it.

Did I find bugs and flaws in using XSitePro? Sure did. But mostly they were with me not knowing how to use XSitePro to it’s fullest extent. I was the flaw!

Working on all his sites I found I had to rethink my design process, and learn new techniques for getting sites designed. I learned the program and learned just what a person can do with the program.

Impressive! Not what I had expected at all.
WYSIWYG? Sure. But soooo much more than that.

XSitePro Top Performer

2 years and dozens of sites later I am recommending the program to current clients and new clients alike. Almost 40% of the work I do as a professional web designer involves XSitePro. Now that’s impressive!

So many useful tools and options to choose from, all of which make my job sooo much easier.

Check out the screen shots below to get a grip on just what XSitePro can do for you.

Do I still feel people should pay to have a site professionally designed?

Yes! You should always have a professional site. No doubt about it. But with XSitePro you will save yourself the money of having to pay someone to manage the site too. Anyone can manage their own site and change it as needed using XSitePro.

And even if you choose not to have a site professionally designed, you can always choose one of the MANY pre-made templates. Especially if you use XSitePro V2. There are some seriously slick templates in it, and in a couple hours you can have a professional looking site to represent your company. And that is what every company needs. A professional site to represent a professional company. Start off with a great looking, and great working web site, and keep it going without outside services.

Thanks to the XSitePro team for some top notch software even a pro would like.

Myles O’Reilly
Senior Graphic Designer, Print & Online Media
Creative Compulsions

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  1. V2

    I find your honesty inspiring Myles.

    I know of other web designers that use XSitePro on a regular basis, but won’t admit it.

    Of course, it makes great commercial sense for you to provide your clients with an editor they can use, and update their sites from.

    I hope you also like the new XHeader software, that should save you even more time.

  2. @V2: Thanks Pete.

    Win / Win situation saving time and money for all involved.

    I tried the original beta of XHP several months ago, and it was pretty decent. But probably not something I would use personally as I tend to build ensure sites, not just headers. But who knows, will have to wait and see the final version first before I can pass judgment on it. Much like I did with XSP.

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