Myles, my friend, you’re even better than you give yourself credit for!

Your web template designs are not only creatively excellent, but they also lend themselves to SEO in a very dynamic and |results-oriented” way.

(“No, this is NOT fake testimonial, quite the contrary in fact!”)

To anyone reading this comment, I am the very same guy who commissioned Myles to design the web site template referred to immediately above!

At this time of writing he doesn’t even know that I found his blog!

You see, I was checking the search engines (Yahoo! Search in this instance) to see how my site ranked for a few long-tail key phrases including “rent guaranteed nz property” and Òrent guaranteed nz investment property”.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had ranked #3 out of 248,000 for “rent guaranteed nz property” and #1 out of 136,000 for “rent guaranteed nz investment property” – especially since the site is still effectively a “work-in-progress” until the end of October 2007.

However, it gets BETTER!!!

I also noticed that the very same blog post (above) that I am replying to is also ranked extremely highly in Yahoo! In fact, it is #10 on the page that I am #3, and #3 and #4 on the page that I am ranked #1.

Without going into further detail – and Myles won’t be aware of this until he wakes up in the morning and discovers I’ve replied to his post – but I have ranking in the top five spots in Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, All The Web and a bunch of smaller SE’s for 41 separate keywords and key phrases!

I’m both a web copywriter and an SEO consultant, but without the sheer simplicity and SEO-friendliness of the template Myles built for me, I could never have achieved such a good result so quickly.

Thanks mate!