Here is an analogy that struck me hard this weekend.

I am a very hands on type of guy and more or less a jack of all trades. I never say I cannot do something unless I have tried it first (within reason). This applies to most things in my life. But sometimes I need to step back and turn it over to a professional to get it done right.

Case and point:

My kitchen needed some minor crack repairs (and some serious wall repair) and a fresh coat of paint. Since I do all sorts of other home repairs, and do a reasonable job of them, I figured this would be a snap.

4 weeks, 4 coats of paint and much frustration later and I have a kitchen I can live with. Not one I am proud of, but one I can live with. If I ever intend to sell my house, I will need to hire a professional painter to redo the kitchen. Thus costing me more money in the end.

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