Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

Our thanks go to everyone for your support and interest in our product.

After a successful pre-launch we are now ready to open our doors to everyone!
The sales page is completed and a buy now button is enabled.


How To Seamlessly Integrate a WordPress Blog Into your XSitePro Web Site – Convert XSitePro to WordPress

Having this look, this integration, be as seamless as possible is key to having customers:

– Recognize the Blog as part of the main site itself, and see no differences
– Increase customer comfort with your look, your brand.
– Be more willing to stay at your site, finding what they need
– Increase your own visibility on the WWW through increased Search Engine listings
– And, of Course, come back.

What do you get?

– A well written, easy to understand ebook.
– Numerous detailed illustrations and real world examples.
– Complete video series to demonstrate the techniques shown in the ebook.
– Free updates to ebook and video series for 1 year.
– Free guidance and tips on how to get your blog looking exact for 1 year.
– A proven technique for integrating your XSitePro site with your WordPress Blog.
– Techniques for using XSitePro v1.6 and XSitePro v2+

Get Your Copy Now For Only
$49.00 USD



Myles O’Reilly & Karol Thor


  1. Lady Day

    I would like to visit about 5 to 10 websites that have the XsitePro to WordPress format before making a purchase decision.

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