Who the heck do they think they are?

CC-LargeCreative Compulsions is a small Graphic Design and Web Design company with big ideas, located in Winnipeg Manitoba, and catering to a global audience. By small, I mean a party of 1. My specialty is in developing creative, eye catching designs, for the print and web needs of my clients.

It takes something different to get people’s attention and more importantly, to keep it. I know this, and focus on the creative side of life to give every project that unique feel and quality. All of my designs are created from scratch using nothing but “My Fingers & My Mind” and I never use one style of design or cater to any specific genre. I work on a wide variety of products for a variety of clients. If you are looking for a creative new flare for your business, band, or product, or if you just want a place to call your own, you have come to the right place.

My name is Myles O’Reilly and I am the owner and designer of Creative Compulsions. I have over a decade of experience working with design for both web and print mediums. I enjoy a full-time career as an Art Director for a magazine publisher and I am fully trained and experienced with web design and graphic design with a wide range of experience and background in all areas. I understand the use of colours, fonts, and images, and how they affect our day-to-day lives. Design is involved in everything you see, from the menu board at the local coffee house, to the newspapers you read, to the CD in your stereo. Not only do I understand this concept, but I love to design.

Creative Compulsions began as a side project to “vent” my creative ideas over a decade ago, and it has become a very successful home business, where many of my clients become long term clients, and just as importantly they become more of a global network of friends.

I have worked with clients all around the world in a variety of different businesses and have been building and maintaining sites for 12 years. I work with all my clients 1 on 1 to determine what are the best strategies to get their sites looking good, working good, and most importantly, exactly what they want.

I took a 1 year semi-hiatus to launch a new business in Winnipeg and have just recently started accepting new clients in 2014.