Who do you think you are?

Creative Compulsions is a small Graphic Design and Web Design company with big ideas, located in Winnipeg Manitoba, and catering to a global audience. My specialty is in developing creative, eye catching designs, for the print and web needs of my clients.

I have over 20 years of experience designing for both web and print mediums. I am fully trained and experienced with web design and graphic design with a wide range of experience and background in all design areas. I enjoy a crazy busy full-time career as the Sales & Art Director for a magazine publisher

Where are you now?

Creative Compulsions had a pretty good run as a freelance business for many years but then it got stale as life and career got too busy to put much time into freelance projects. Now it servers more as a portfolio of my work and I only take on a handful of projects throughout the year. Lately I have been focusing on designing event posters as they allow me to be super creative and can often be done fairly quickly. More specifically motorcycle event posters as I love to spend my limited free time riding motorcycles and participating in local riding events/charities. Visit Manitoba by Motorcycle if you want to learn more about that.

If you are a web design why are you using a free WordPress theme?

Fair question and easy to answer. I stumbled upon it randomly and thought it looked cool. I installed it to test it out (I love testing new things) and 3 hours later I relaunched the entire site using it. Did not see the need to reinvent the wheel when this is perfect for my current needs.