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Clean Plugin Info from Indesign CS5

Cannoit Package Indesign file

If you use Adobe Indesign in a production environment there is probably a better than good chance you will open a file and get an error about a missing plugin. I encountered this a lot with Indesign CS3 when opening files created in previous versions on previous systems. I ignored it as I can still Continue reading →

optincrusher Outside of WordPress

optincrusher is a fantastic free plugin for WordPress that gives your blog a slide in footer to capture newsletter sign ups, that I discovered while reading a post on Profit-Internet. It works with a number of different subscription applications, and is easily configured. And, it looks slick. Easy to use + Valuable tool + Professional Continue reading →

Create Alternate Left Panels With XSitePro

Shortly after XSitePro V2 was released people were loving the control they had over the right panels, but wondering why you could not control the left panel on each page. You can only set up the left panel in the main site layout, then it remains static throughout the whole site. What happens if you Continue reading →

Lightbox2 & Flash AS3 Redux

Back in October I was building a Flash site and it required the use of a gallery. Since I almost always use LightBox for galleries, I wanted to do the same for this site. Problem is, I could not get LightBox to work with Flash AS3. I search all over for a solution, but none Continue reading →

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