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MINI Space Design Competition – Design 1

Good way to start off the new year is with some good old fashioned fun. Make it a competition and it is just icing on the cake.

The MINI is coming out with an electric MINI. They are going green baby! To kick off the new ride, MINI Spaces is running a new design competition. Challenge is to design a new background for the site. Simply design for your own interpretation of “Electrified” for your shot at some pretty sweet prizes.

Maximum of 9 entries allowed per person. Anyone can enter.

I’m anyone. So I entered. One background up so far (Shot in the dark), and I will hope to do 8 more over the next month. I will post all designs on here as well. If you like one of the designs, please go and vote the for the one you like the best. My profile and backgrounds are listed here.  – But please, only vote for the designs you like.

To vote, click on the background you like, and click “I like it” in the top right corner.

Entry #1:

MINI Background Design - Shot in the dark

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