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Safety With Shelly – Heavy industry done right

Client – Shelly Plett
Company – Safety With Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES

Tasks – Shelly was looking to build a brand for her company. She needed a professional logo and a sharp looking website to represent this important company. Along with and a memorable business card to leave a lasting impression.

After some discussion and a few ideas we came through with a very well put together logo that totally represents the company and the industry. The right colours, imagery and fonts make it a memorable logo that instantly tells you just what this company is about.

Top that off with a slick business card with all the good info and we are in good shape for getting brand recognition in Shelly’s industry. The cards are clean and fresh, and really work well with the logo.

But that’s not all, next up we set out to conquer the WWW with a domain name, hosting and a great looking website that expands upon the logo and gives all the right information on just what SWS is and does and why they do it. The motto is “Work Safely. Your family is waiting for you.” and that really hits home. When working in any heavy industry job, you must work safely. Your safety is the number one priority. And that is what Shelly does. Trains you to work safely. Invaluable.

Cool logo. Great card. Professional site. One of my favorites projects and a great end result.

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