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Spam Assasin Has Closed The Comments

I hate , and anything that looks even remotely similar. Not unusual, I am sure 99.99% of the population hate . I hate junk mail too, but at least the post office gives you a way to opt out of most of it (Red Dot –

Email spam is pretty bad lately. Spamassassin deletes a large chunk of it before it even makes it to my inbox, but there is still a lot that makes it through, which Thunderbird dutifully scans and deletes. Still a little trickles through, which I dutifully mark as junk and delete it. Annoying process nobody should need to go through.

Here are some interesting stats from Spamassassin on 2 of my accounts:

– Messages learned: 21218 as spam, 3685 as non-spam, 24903 total.
– Messages learned: 12492 as spam, 436 as non-spam, 12928 total.

Those are some crazy numbers, especially since they are probably only a year old. And they are from only 2 of my accounts. Of those nearly 34,000 spam messages, I have not read 1 (except subject lines), nor clicked any links, nor bought anything from them. Despite this, I know this will never stop.

All attempts to get me to respond to junk mail have failed, just like it fails for most other people. So why does it not stop? Because there is always the 1 in a billion chance some poor schmoe will fall for this crap, and make it worth while for the spammers. I dumb shmuck ruins it for the rest of us.

Aside from emails, blog spam is the next up on the crap block. There is only a super small percentage of blog that are real. The rest is spam. It is a wonder why most bloggers even bother enabling .

Speaking of which, comments closed.


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