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Vacation planning for Canadians

Summer is FAST approaching this Canadians’ locale and that means vacation planning. But not just any vacation planning, planning for all things summer. Everything you want to do and everything you need to do, to enjoy what little summer there will be before getting hit with another winter slump a couple months later.

Summer is far to short lived to go in unprepared. Sadly, many of us (myself explicitly included) don’t and attempt to live for the moment. Which usually ends up being last minute dashes to the lake or beach, and too much time thinking about what you could do, while doing nothing you want to do. Bummer.

Being April 1st, and after noon this is no joke, just foresight. Plan ahead for all things you want to do, and make a date to do them. If you plan ahead, you won’t miss out. I don’t mean plan to cut the grass or anything (but you probably have to do that anyway, as grass does grow), but plan the fun things, and even the non fun things you keep meaning to get to.

Can’t think of anything?

How about these 10 things to do on your summer vacation:

Fun things to do on your summer vacation:

  1. Go camping with your son.
  2. Bike to the park a few evenings a week.
  3. Play some Wii Sports when the weather is not perfect.
  4. Restore an old car.
  5. Brew your own beer.

Useful things to do on your summer vacation (but not as fun):

  1. Re-shingle your garage.
  2. Repair your living room ceiling.
  3. Build a shelf in your bathroom (your toothbrush will thank-you).
  4. Clean out the basement.
  5. Plant a garden AND maintain it (weeds know when your sleeping).

Procrastination Alert!

When will you have time to do all that?

Simple. You make the time. Plan ahead, like now, and you have no excuse not to have the time to do everything you want to do with your summer vacation.

But dude, I’m not a kid, I don’t get summer vacation!

DUDE!. MINI-VACATIONS. No need to book weeks off work. You can do it all in the evenings and on weekends. Have your cake and eat it too (whatever that means).

Bottom line?

Stop dreaming. Start doing.

Make sure you plan your vacation today.



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