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Global Homeworkers Union – Work from Home

Client – Dennis Grammatikos
Company – Global Homeworkers Union

Tasks – Dennis had found Creative Compulsions through an ad I ran in the West K Shopper when he was looking for a new way to market his guide to working from home doing simple assembly work, along with a series of self-help style business information books.

Dennis was looking for a simple sales page site that could also run as a small e-commerce shop. For years he has run ads in local papers throughout as well as Ontario, and he needed a way to help market his products while reducing his costs.

Previously, Dennis would run ads that were typically short sentences that people would respond to with an email, then Dennis would mail them a brochure. After getting this brochure, the customer could then send in a cheque to place an order for his product. This worked, but the brochure is costly to print, and mail every time, and if someone did not buy, then he is out the cost of postage and the brochure.

Streamlining the Process

We took Dennis’ brochure, and created an attractive one page sales letter site that has all information from the brochure, styled it to bring out the main features and added some relevant images.

Next we added a printable orderform (for when you wish to send a cheque) and added a simple shopping cart system with a Buy Now button and order form to enable Dennis to take orders online, no more waiting for cheques in the mail.

Once we had the sales letter up, we digitized his 10 self-help books and made them ebooks. They are now able to be sold online, which will drastically reduce his cost as there is no more printing needed. This also opened up his selling options as he now sells via his site and via ClickBank where he pays affiliates to sell for him.

Global Homeworkers Union went from costly mailing of printed brochures and sales letters, to a fully digital system allowing online ordering and payments, plus affiliate sales. Now all Dennis has to do is send people to his website. This cuts his costs much, helping his business run better and be more profitable. Success for every business.

In Addition to a New Website…

Dennis is new to the world of online sales and websites. He is a semi retired business person who has done everything the traditional print way. In order to help him get his business online we also worked directly with him at his office on how to use and market his website online. Not only did he take on those tasks really well, he embraced the technology so well he is often searching for new venues.


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