Local Tourism

Dunnottar Pier

Several years ago I was bitten by the local tourism bug and launched my own tourism initiative, Manitoba by Motorcycle. I set out to explore as much of rural Manitoba as possible, see the creative art installations, learn the history and enjoy the sunsets.

My interest in the local tourism industry in Manitoba grew every year and afforded me the opportunity to work directly with each of the regional tourism boards. I expanded the program and began writing short articles on the wonderful variety of local Manitoba destinations as a way to showcase what can be found when you get out and look around.

More importantly, I helped to inspire many people to get out and explore new destinations in their own backyard. I have since turned over the reigns of the program to a couple other gentlemen so I can focus more on…life. However I do plan on contributing articles from time to time. Below are links to the various posts I’ve written.

Swinging in Souris Manitoba
My first trip to Souris Manitoba was a bit of a memorable one. It was the first time the wife and I went on an actual ride together for more than an hour and it was…pretty weird. I cannot remember what month it was but it was a warm, extremely bright, and sunny morning when […]

Cannonball through Interlake Manitoba
Manitoba’s Interlake has a lot to offer and a lot to see and Interlake Tourism has curated a special Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle route that covers the top 20 destinations. The Interlake loop has it all: Vikings, snakes, marshes, even a quarry park! The post Cannonball through Interlake Manitoba appeared first on Manitoba by Motorcycle.

The Big Banana in Melita Manitoba
I know what you’re thinking. When you think of bananas you always think of Melita Manitoba. Obviously, right? Or is it just me? The post The Big Banana in Melita Manitoba appeared first on Manitoba by Motorcycle.

The Catfish Capital of the World – Selkirk Manitoba
Selkirk Manitoba is the home of Chuck the Channel Cat, a large catfish statue that hangs out at the local Smitty’s. Selkirk is roughly 20km (12 miles) north of Winnipeg along Highway 9. Known as “The Catfish Capital of the World” because of the record-sized catches on the local stretch of the Red River. The […]

Morris Manitoba – The Heart of the Red River Valley Morris Manitoba is a short 50km (roughly miles) south of Winnipeg along Highway 75. Only 40km (26 miles) from the US border it is the main stop between Winnipeg and the US border and sees a lot of traffic. The post Morris Manitoba – The Heart of the Red River Valley appeared first on Manitoba […]

Long Walk on a Short Pier
A short ride up to the lakefront that runs along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. With an exceptional cottage community and multiple sandy beaches to cool your feet it is a nice treat. The post Long Walk on a Short Pier appeared first on Manitoba by Motorcycle.

Lockport Manitoba
Lockport Manitoba is roughly 30km North of Winnipeg. For me it is so close to home it practically is home. A leisurely ride down River Road then back down Henderson Highway is how I start and end every riding season.

The Multiple Municipal Monuments of Winnipeg
Manitoba has nearly 2,400 monuments in all areas of the province but only 42 of them carry the municipal monument designation. This means these 42 are legally designated historic sites with important significance to their community. An exclusive honour reserved for the most important historic sites. The post The Multiple Municipal Monuments of Winnipeg appeared […]

The Other Forks – St. Norbert
I know what you’re thinking, St. Norbert is not a small Manitoba town with a cool statue to check out. And you are right. It has no town statue but it does have 2 historic provincial parks minutes from each other.

Grand Beach Manitoba
Grand Beach is, arguably, one of the top Manitoba destinations and only a short 1-hour ride northeast of Winnipeg, just off Highway 59. This Lake Winnipeg beach is an award-winning travel destination ranked as world-class. A prestigious rank that it has certainly earned.

Lundar Manitoba
Roughly 100 km (65 miles) north west of Winnipeg lies the town of Lundar Manitoba. Easily recognized by the giant Canada Goose statue next to the Chicken Chef (which is also kind of a landmark in a weird way).

McBeth House
McBeth House was continuously inhabited by members of the family until 1984 (long, long time ownership) before the land and house were donated to the city of Winnipeg. It has been operating as a seniors resource centre ever since and is available to be booked for gatherings and events. A plaque at the front drive was placed on a monument built from the stone used in the original log cabin building and was unveiled in September 1987 to highlight the history of the McBeth House.

Welcome to Manitou Manitoba
The small town of Manitou Manitoba can be found in the Pembina Valley nestled along Highway #3 between Morden and La Rivière. If you are visiting any one of those places you should also pay a visit to Manitou Manitoba.

The Long Road Home
A question came in asking for a route to get from Brandon Manitoba to Teulon Manitoba for a couple of riders. The riders had a route already planned for day 1 that would see them riding from Teulon to Brandon via The Narrows and they wanted an alternate route home. They needed it quickly too.

Breathe in the Whiteshell
The Whiteshell is a large provincial park on the eastern edge of Manitoba with a large variety of lakes, campgrounds, and towns to enjoy. Cottage country is the best way to describe it. The Whiteshell is a popular place to ride a motorcycle too, with lots of relatively curvy roads that make it a rarity in Manitoba.

A Camel in Manitoba?
Glenboro is a small southern Manitoba town with a very unusual celebrity named Sara. Towering roughly 20 feet above all, standing watch just off the side of Highway #2 is Sara the Camel.

St. Malo Manitoba
St. Malo is known for its beaches, campgrounds, cottages, Summer Festival, Winter Festival, Family Hockey Tournament Weekend, and outdoor pilgrimage at its famous Shrine and Grotto.

Winnipeg Beach – Not Just a Beach Town
I ride north from Winnipeg more often than not. Familiar roads with familiar places. It could be my chosen route because I went that way often when I was young or it maybe it could just be that north is the quickest road out of Winnipeg for me.

A Dinosaur Named Bruce
Manitoba is not exactly a hotbed of sweet ancient dino action but we do have our fair share in the valley areas. Certainly enough to promote it with a giant Mossasaur statue on a town sign. At least the city of Morden thinks so, and I agree.