Client: Harold Brazil
Company: Mr. Bones Pizza

Mr. Bones pizza was an institution in Winnipeg. I used to order from the original McPhillips location and, everyone I knew ordered from there and I even had friends who worked there. It was a staple in the community until they closed down about a decade ago.

When Harold contacted me about building a website to promote the return of Mr. Bones I was excited. Bringing great pizza back to Winnipeg and I get to help promote it with a new website? Awesome!

We started with a teaser site. Just to help build the excitement. Logo, coming soon note, social media links and a newsletter form.

From there a basic info site evolved to talk about the business after they opened the doors. While the full site was being developed behind closed doors.

Last Friday we launched the full site with all its pizza goodness (and more). Features a full menu with everything they offer, delicious photos, prices, exceptional deals and an integrated Facebook feed.

And it is a fully responsive design that looks and works great on all devices. Computer, tablet or smart phone. They all let you experience the full site. No limits.

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