Client – Chas Simmons
Company – Simmons Architects

Tasks – Chas bought my Fire & Shade template from ShopXSitePro in mid February to use on his new company web site. He then did what everyone should do, he redesigned several aspects of the site to make it his own unique site.

Once he was done altering it though, the WordPress theme that came with the template no longer matched the site he had. So he needed a new WordPress theme created from his XSitePro web site. He was also looking for making the WordPress theme a little more indepth than just a matching template. He needed specific functionality such as multiple sidebars, posted date, tags, custom comments and related posts.

Since he bought the template from me, he came to me to get the WordPress theme rebuilt.  Good project. Took a little longer than a normal XSitePRo to WordPress integration, but well worth it. It’s a good site and I am sure Chas will be writing some quality posts on his blog.

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