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Biker Web Design

Biker Web Design Logo

Biker Web Design specializes in high impact, biker related design. Motorcycle clubs, events and business are not the big slick corporate America types, so why bother with those types of designs.

River City Rides

River City Rides

Motorcycles have always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by them. That fascination grew as I got older. When I was a teenager I went on a family trip to South Dakota (not for Sturgis). It was there that I saw the biggest, coolest bike I have ever seen.

The Most Powerful Force in the Known Universe

The most powerful force in the known universe, is not found in the deepest reaches of space. It is found right here on earth. And it is everywhere. Music has the power to move everyone. In your heart, mind, body and soul. It moves everyone in different ways. Some small, some large. Everyone, everywhere is Continue reading →

Broken WordPress Theme

Crap, I broke it. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I frequently “tweak” my blog making subtle changes no one would ever see but me. And I always do it online, from various different locations. So I rarely have a backup of my theme. Risky business. More risky is that I frequentlky work Continue reading →

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