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Tasks – Motorcycles have always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by them. That fascination grew as I got older. When I was a teenager I went on a family trip to South Dakota (not for Sturgis). It was there that I saw the biggest, coolest bike I have ever seen. It was an emerald green Boss Hoss, with a monstrous V8 engine from a Chevy Corvette. Yep, it was a beast and I was in love.

After that trip I started reading every biker magazine I could get my hands on. I loved custom bikes. The more custom the better. My walls were postered with wild, wicked tricked out motorcycles. I knew, at some point, I would be doing something with motorcycles. I just did not know what.

Skip ahead 20 years and here we are. I have always been kicking around new business ideas with my buddy Karol. Always trying to find something new, adventurous and successful. Most ideas come and go, but when this one came around it stuck. It didn’t just stick, it absorbed us. THIS was the one. This is the business we knew we wanted most. We would be Winnipeg’s Motorcycle Rental Store. And thus River City Rides Inc. was born. River City Rides is a motorcycle rental store and retail store. We rent motorcycles and sell a large variety of motorcycle clothing and gear (jackets, helmets, boots, gloves, etc.). We opened our door in late June of 2013 and have been going strong ever since.

Seeing as we are a new business we need to build our brand. Get an identity that sticks.

I designed and built a website in WordPress that looks great and is easy to use. It is a responsive design so can be used on all devices, has an integrated shopping cart so people can order products online and even has online motorcycle booking. Clients can book their next motorcycle rental right from the website. With a lot of effort in coding and building the site, writing the content and promoting it we have brought our relatively new site to the top of the search engines. Other motorcycle shops who have had sites for years, show up after us in search engines. This is important for River City Rides to keep at the top and build the brand.

In addition to the website, I continued the branding with matching business cards, store signage, posters, flyers and advertising. Lots of work, but well worth the effort.

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