Project – Convert XSitePro to WordPress – XSitePro Site Design

Client – ShopXSitePro

Company – ShopXSitePro

Site – XSitePro to WordPress

Tasks – Site designed to promote upcoming e-book and video series to teach users how to seamlessly integrate a WordPress blog with an XSitePro website.

Niche market item in high demand. It makes sense to utilize the best of both platforms while retaining your site branding between the site and blog.

Site was built based upon a pre-made XSitePro template and modified to suit the needs of the new site. Made in PHP to allow for affiliates, subscribers and digital downloads of the products.

Total build time of the site, including all the behind the scenes work, was 2 days.

Every day, business owners, software publishers, musicians,
and even regular people are looking for that way, that one
that can set their template-based website apart
from all the others out there. One by one, all of them come to
the same conclusion, “If I add a Blog to my site, then I can
keep in touch with my customers/fans/readers,
AND, I’ll have something unique that will keep
people coming back!”

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  1. Lady Day

    I would like to be directed to 5 – 10 live websites that are XsitePro to WordPrell


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