Client: Matthew Prychun
Company: Sloohai

I had worked with Matthew before on his Matao site and we have been in regular contact ever since. He is a man of many talents, not the least of which is music. His band Sloohai has 3 CD’s and was starting to really build up momentum just before the launch of their 3rd album.They were using a free website tool that was not functioning, not getting much traffic or response, not mobile device friendly and really just not working for them.  With several big shows coming up, lots of touring and a new album, they needed a new website to represent them properly.

Matthew liked the site I created for him and wanted me to build this new one for his band. A challenge I was eager to accept! But, there were a few restrictions that made this project a tricky one. Being an indie band they did not have a large budget, had a very short time frame to get it done and really wanted it to have loads of the great features that other band sites offered.

After some discussion it was decided to purchase a pre-made template that already incorporated all the elements they needed to save a lot of time and a lot of cost. Once the template was chosen it was then customized and tweaked to suit Sloohai using their logo, Ukrainian flag colours, sizes and section placements and then all content was created and aded to the site. There are video galleries, photo galleries, an online store, show calendar and samples of every song from each album embedded into an audio player on the sites Discography section.

Lots of Energy, Excitement and Passion for Sloohai’s new site.

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