Client: Robert & Viola Plett
Company: RVP Farms

I was introduced to Vi through Sky as RVP Farms is a sponsor of Manitoba Motorcycle Mayhem. RVP Farms had a website through that they were using as a company site, to promote the farm, the philosophy and sell their products.

The site was using a pre-made template that did not really represent the company as well as it could. It had some good points, but needed to be improved upon. A professionally made site was in need to really help this local Manitoba farm grow their business online.

After a little bit of discussion I set off of creating a professional online presence for RVP Farms. It needed to be easy to navigate, responsive, easy to maintain and include an online order function. Robert & Vi were already familiar with WordPress so I build the site as a WordPress theme using HTML5 and CSS3. This allows them to update any page, products and prices and allows them to blog about farm life and delicious recipes.

The new site is very visual, using a wonderful farm photo and great earth tones. Being responsive it looks and works great on all devices. A great new site for a great local Manitoba farm.

I took my family out to RVP Farms last night to pick up my order of farm fresh food, and got a tour of the farm. The kids absolutely loved it! I had a great chat with Robert & Vi and really got to know my farmer and where my food came from. What a great experience and a great feeling.

You can order a large variety of farm fresh products from the new site, including free range eggs, pepperoni sticks (family favourite) and a large variety of various cuts of beef. We had BBQ ribeye tonight and I cannot image buying my meat anywhere else. RVP Farms got a great new website and I got a great new place to buy food. Win/Win!

RVP Farms


  1. margaret

    Hi there Would like more information on the products and address thank you

  2. Hi Margaret

    You can find the info on RVP Farms at Robert & Vi are wonderful people to deal with with quality farm fresh food.


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