Client: Rob & Bonnie
Company: Family Tree Clothing

I met with Rob & Bonnie after a local meeting and they mentioned they had just started a new business and needed a professional website with e-commerce capabilities to help build the businesses. They had seen other sites I have done and knew I could get the job done and done right.

The website runs a simple e-commerce system that is perfect for a small, growing business. They are able to quickly and easily update the website content and add new products as they arrive. Manage inventory and processing online orders is a snap. they took their first online order from Ontario within a week of the website launching and they have been steadily growing ever since.

Family Tree Clothing is a family owned business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Family Tree has many years of experience in the Health Care Industry. With providing personal care to individuals with limited mobility, we know dressing may be challenging to some individuals. We saw how important adaptive wear is in making dressing a more comfortable and stress-free solution for these individuals.

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